Szerző Téma: Gil Fronsdal: The Treasures of the Theravada  (Megtekintve 1570 alkalommal)


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Gil Fronsdal: The Treasures of the Theravada
« Dátum: 2011. Július 19. - 21:04:52 »
Gil Fronsdal: The Treasures of the Theravada: Recovering the Riches of Our Tradition

Recently [1995], many diverse Theravada practices were brought to Spirit Rock through the visit of Achaan Jumnien, a sixty-year-old monk from the jungles of Southern Thailand.  In the course of nine days he taught thirty different practices. These included chakra practices (opening of the wisdom-eye and the heart center), skeleton practices (on the nature of the body), and meditations with the elements of earth, air, fire, water and space. He trained people to understand emptiness by resting in what he called the “Original Mind” or the “Natural State” and he offered practices unifying participants’ consciousnesses with his own. He also performed many kinds of blessings, described exorcisms, taught chants, and offered protection rituals, visualizations and vows (including bodhisattva vows, practice vows and refuge vows).  Throughout, he emphasized that freedom and emptiness and joy can be found in all circumstances. And this in only one week from one Theravada teacher!


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Re:Gil Fronsdal: The Treasures of the Theravada
« Válasz #1 Dátum: 2011. Július 20. - 09:10:30 »
Nagyon jó cikk, remekül rámutat számos problémára a nyugati buddhizmussal kapcsolatban, illetve arra is, hogy milyen szines tud lenni a théraváda buddhizmus.